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Get your garden ready with the help of coop to garden™! This fast-acting compost accelerator helps turn chicken litter, kitchen and yard waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer in no time, making composting fertilizer for your garden easier, faster and safer than ever before.

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coop to garden: compost accelerator

lemon and lime slices
Strong Animals Coop to Garden compost accelerator

Coop to Garden is an organic fast-acting compost accelerator specially designed to break down chicken litter in your compost.

It contains lemon and lime essential oils, probiotics and patented ingredients to accelerate the recycling of waste. It’s effective in a wide range of temperatures and for use in all compost applications.

Coop to Garden:

  • Breaks down chicken litter, kitchen and yard waste

  • Proven to make composting twice as efficient  

  • Makes nutrients more available to enhance plant growth

Simply apply the contents of a single bag (1 lb.) once a month over your compost and stir. If compost is dry, add one gallon of water.

lemon and lime slices
lemon and lime slices
vine ripened tomatoes on plant in garden

benefits of composting chicken litter

One of the amazing benefits of raising backyard chickens is all that chicken litter! Chicken manure is a natural fertilizer for your garden that provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for your plants. When chicken manure is composted correctly, you unlock a wealth of benefits for your garden!

Some of which include:

  • Improved soil structure and soil health

  • Higher levels of nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in soil

  • Better water retention

  • Healthier plant life

Using composted chicken litter helps you reduce waste, make your own fertilizer and promotes sustainable living.

composting success

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"I'm so glad I found Coop to Garden!" 
I had a pile of chicken litter in my outdoor compost bin and I wanted to break it down quickly to plant my spring garden. I added coop to garden once a month to my bin, stirred it and my compost pile started working overtime. The end result was beautiful ‘black gold’. I love the idea of making my own fertilizer and growing the best gardens.

Andrea S. - Iowa

compost barrel

how to compost
chicken manure

Did you know that chicken manure is too strong to be used directly on your garden in its raw form? The good news is that once chicken manure is composted the right way, it turns into nutrient-rich soil for your garden!

Learn more about
how to compost chicken manure safely.

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Quickly convert chicken litter into beautiful nutrient-rich soil today!

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who is strong animals chicken essentials?

Our goal is to make raising backyard chickens natural and easy. That’s why Strong Animals uses plant-based products and natural approaches to promote the health and vitality of chickens. All products contain essential oils, prebiotics and other natural ingredients to support the immune system and digestive health of your flock!

Win a 3-month supply
lemon and lime slices
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