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Easter Basket Ideas for all Ages

Easter basket for granddaughter

I put this little basket together for our granddaughter.


Happy Easter week everyone! Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays. Being married to a pastor, Easter week is busy for us! So, I have to be on top of my “game” when it comes to Easter baskets, egg hunts and egg coloring.

Growing up, my parents did a fantastic job with our baskets! They would be up early hiding our baskets, and we would have to find them. Every year they were a bit different, but exciting nonetheless. Cadbury Eggs, jelly beans, CDs, money, Whopper eggs and Peeps were usually among the colorful baskets. While we all knew Easter was absolutely about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we celebrated that, we also had fun with the baskets. We have done this with our kids as well.

Now that I have adult children, teenagers and grandbabies, I have to get creative with Easter baskets. So, I have included what I will do for our kids this year and some other fun ideas I’ve found on Pinterest. The best part about Easter baskets is that just about anything goes. You can go as simple or as extravagant as you want!

These cute baskets from are a lifesaver for teenagers!


We also have two little grandsons, and I got these cute baskets from Walmart below. I filled them with bubbles, chalk, books, a kite, Band-Aids, a beach bag and a couple of small Easter candy treats.


Easter basket for grandson

For our adult and teenage kids, I did giant eggs with their names on them. I put each of their favorite Easter candies in the egg with some cash as well. We still hide these big eggs and no matter how old they get, they love “hunting” for their egg!


Easter basket idea for adult kids

Below are some pretty extravagant “basket” ideas.These are fun, but will definitely take a lot more planning!


Amazing Easter basket ideas

Easter baby basket

 Here’s a cute baby basket by Kaitlyn Ross

Happy Easter and Resurrection Day, everyone! I pray you have a wonderful holiday season filled with hope.


Until next time,


–The Wing Lady


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