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6 Ideas for Decorating Pumpkins

Don’t you just love having lots of pumpkins around in the fall. They are a great way to decorate an indoor or outdoor space to get you in the spirit of Halloween and Thanksgiving. One Google search will give you hundreds of ideas on different ways you can jazz up your pumpkins, but I narrowed it down to my six favorites. What was my criteria? Easy, fun to do with my kids and grandkids, and something I would be proud to display to family and guests.

1. Silver Leaf Pumpkins

Silver Leaf Pumpkins

Photo Credit: Country Living Magazine

These silver leaf pumpkins are fun to create, and I like the use of non-traditional colored pumpkins. The silver leaves will look great on blue and green hued pumpkins.

To Make:

  • Go on a little nature walk and gather leaves in all shapes and sizes

  • Place the leaves on an old cardboard box and spray paint them with silver paint

  • Once dry, apply a spray adhesive to the non-painted side and apply to the pumpkin

Yes, it truly is that easy and look how pretty!

2. Paint Splatter Pumpkins

Paint Splatter Pumpkins

Photo Credit: One Little Project at a Time

What appealed to me about this idea was that no special art skills are needed, and everyone knows how fun it is to get to splatter paint.

To Make:

  • Place pumpkins on flattened cardboard box, preferably outside on a lawn

  • Use one color of paint or multiple colors of paint, there are no rules

  • Dip your brush in paint and splatter it over the pumpkins to create your masterpiece

3. Push Pin Pumpkins

Push Pin Pumpkins

Photo Credit: A subtle REVELRY

Now this idea is in the SUPER easy pile. You can paint your pumpkins fun colors first or you can just leave them their natural color. All you need is some push pins.

To Make:

  • Get a box of push pins

  • Push the pins into the pumpkin in any design you choose

  • Done!

You can have so much fun using different colored and shaped push pins. This idea is great for kids because the pins go into the pumpkin easily.

4. Chalkboard Pumpkins

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Photo Credit: Press Print Party

I thought this idea was fun, because you can change the design as many times as you want. You could do a countdown to Halloween, funny faces or fun phrases like Trick or Treat.

To Make:

  • Wipe down the pumpkin to remove and dust or dirt

  • Paint pumpkin with chalkboard paint, let dry overnight

  • Draw any design you choose with white or colored chalk

5. Drilled Designed Pumpkins

Drilled Designed Pumpkins

Photo Credit: The Garden Glove

This idea is a little more involved, but it is still easy, and the outcome are very cool looking pumpkins! I would recommend doing this project with older children. Have fun using different sized drill bits.

To Make:

  • Carve and clean out the inside of the pumpkin

  • Create a pattern on your pumpkin using a dry erase marker

  • Punch the marks you made in your pattern with a skewer to make it easier to get the drill going in the right place

  • Drill the holes in the pattern you created

  • Clean up and add a tea light

6. Squeeze Bottle Painted Pumpkins

Squeeze Bottle Painted Pumpkins

Photo Credit: Hello Wonderful

This is a great project for smaller children and again, no special art skills are needed. All you need is some pumpkins, squeeze bottles and paint.

To Make:

  • First spray paint the uncarved pumpkins to turn the pumpkins into a colorful canvas (optional)

  • Add paint to squeeze bottles

  • Place the pumpkins over a cardboard box or drop cloth. Squeeze paint in various colors over the pumpkins.

  • Let dry overnight

I hope these simple ideas inspire you to get creative and have some fun decorating pumpkins!

Until next time,

-The Wing Lady


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