Beyond the Eggs

We understand the rewarding nature of caring for your own flock of chickens.  Interacting with their unique personalities can be just as rewarding as the fresh eggs you can trust.  Strong Animals provides simple natural solutions to help you care for your chickens.  Our goal is help you keep your chickens happy and healthy. 

Nature is the Answer

We have found that plant-based products are often the key to helping your chickens stay healthy.  As a brand of Ralco, we have been pioneers for 46 years in developing ingredients such as essential oils and natural plant extracts that promotes digestive health and supports the immune systems in chickens.

We are Here to Help

Caring for chickens’ basic needs goes beyond food and water. Simple tasks like adding birds to your flock, moving your flock, cleaning the coop or drastic weather changes can cause stress and weaken immune systems. We offer a comprehensive line of easy to use products that promotes your flock health before problems occur. Designed for everyday use, our products are a natural, safe and effective way to keep your flock healthy and happy.

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