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Caring for your chickens doesn't need to be difficult and keeping their immune system strong is the easiest way to keep them healthy. There are many stressors that chickens face such as adding birds to your flock, moving them, cleaning the coop or drastic weather changes. These stressors can weaken a chicken's immune system leading to disease or death. Strong Animals products use natural approaches to support your chicken's digestive tract and keep them healthy.


Bye-Bye, Boo-Boos is a natural wound spray to soothe and mend cuts, scrapes and abrasions.


Coop Recuperate is the safe and natural way to care for your coop.  Cut out odor and moisture and help reduce flies.

Golden Graze.jpg

Golden Graze is a daily snack to support quality eggs.


Preen Queen is a dust bath booster to keep chickens clean and feathers impeccable.


Chicken E-lixir is a natural approach to keeping chickens healthy by supporting and maintaining digestive health.

SA_EV_Box & Pouch_edited.jpg

Electrolytes + Vitamins is a water additive that helps hydrate and restore from hatch to hen. 

Happy Tract 1.jpg

Happy Tract is a daily snack to support

health and vitality.


Coop to Garden is a compost accelerator to break down chicken litter, kitchen and yard waste.


Flock Fixer is a vitamin rich additive that helps hydrate, restores vital nutrients and helps balance digestive health.

SA_PP_Box & Pouch_edited.jpg

Prebiotics + Probiotics is a water additive that helps support digestive health and immunity. 

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