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preen queen

preen queen

Preen Queen is a dust bath additive containing zeolite, diatomaceous earth, peppermint and citronella essential oils to help remove excess oil from your chickens’ body. Simply add Preen Queen to your dust bath to keep their feathers clean and pristine.


Dust bath booster for chickens

  • Helps absorb moisture and odors

  • Contains peppermint and citronella essential oils

  • Creates a girl’s spa day

Available in 5 lb. Canister

dust bath additive for chickens

Also available Amazon and Chewy

preen queen dust bath

dust bath helps prevent mites and lites

As a backyard chicken owner, it’s important to make sure your chickens have regular dust baths. This quirky behavior involves chickens rolling around in dirt to keep themselves clean and free from pests like lice and mites. Chickens produce oils that attract these pests, and dust bathing with Preen Queen can help absorb the oil and deter bugs.   

how to make an indoor chicken dust bath

  • step 1: buy ingredients
    sand dry dirt wood ash (from outdoor fire pit or fireplace) preen queen – contains diatomaceous earth, zeolite, peppermint and citronella essential oils
  • step 2: select a dust bath container
    kiddie pool galvanized tub large wooden crate sturdy plastic bins old tire kids sandbox
  • step 3: assemble dust bath
    put your dust bath container in your coop add some fine dirt and sand to your container add wood ash on top of the dirt and sand sprinkle preen queen on top of the dust bath apply preen queen frequently to freshen up the dust bath

Make an indoor dust bath for your chickens during the winter with a few simple supplies by following the easy step-by-step guide below! 


Diatomaceous earth (organic flow agent), zeolite (hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate), organic peppermint oil, organic citronella oil.

directions for success

Apply liberally on top of the dust bath. Scoop included. For use with all types of poultry.

chicken dust bathing

shop now

Help your chickens’ feathers stay clean and pristine all year long with Preen Queen. Buy now or at your local farm store near you!

Also available Amazon and Chewy

customer & chicken approved

5 stars icon

My chickens love this dust bath.

"All the chickens get so excited when I put this in for their dust bath. It works well, we haven’t had any issues with mites or bugs on them."

-Amazon Customer

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