Lisa - Maple Grove, Minnesota

Our chicken coop is located in our backyard by my kid’s swing set. I started to notice that there were a lot of flies buzzing around their play area. I started using Coop Recuperate a couple of times a week and the kids are no longer bothered by flies.

Ellen - Sioux City, Iowa

I didn’t realize how good oregano can be for chickens. It is a natural antioxidant that keeps chickens healthy instead of using antibiotics. I use Chicken E-lixir everyday in our water and it works. It is so easy, I just add a cap full in my water. It has organic oregano essential oils right in it.

Emily - Denver, Colorado

I add Chicken E-lixir to the water every day. I think of it as a daily vitamin to keep my chickens healthy.

Kayla - Eden Prairie, Minnesota

We are first time chicken owners and the Baby Chick Care Kit was perfect to get us started. The guide inside was very helpful in learning how to set up a home for the cute little chicks. All we needed was the Baby Chick Care Kit, some feed and the equipment. 

Kim - Davenport, Iowa

I use Flock Fixer for a couple of days after I clean out the coop. It seems to keep my chickens energized and ready to play. 

Beth - Apple Valley, Minnesota

Coop Recuperate comes in a box like baking soda. It is so easy to shake over the coop floor.  I also love the fresh smell of the essential oils.  I also tried it in my garbage can it it really improved the smell.

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