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All About the Mystic Onyx Breed

All About the Mystic Onyx Breed

Photo Credit: Hoover’s Hatchery

The Mystic Onyx breed was originally developed by Hoover’s Hatchery in very recent years. Their beautiful feathers and black skin are striking. While they were created to be a meat bird, they are taking backyard flocks by storm!

The Mystic Onyx breed is absolutely gorgeous and make a great addition to a backyard flock. These chickens were created by combining a Silkie and a meat production bird. Because of this, they carry unique characteristics such as 5 toes, an occasional feather tuft on the top of their heads, and black skin.

While they look very similar to the Ayam Cemani, they can have orange-red flares in their feathers. Ayam Cemani are all black while Mystic Onyx can kick out some reddish feathers. They can also have an iridescent green sheen to their feathers as well.

All About the Mystic Onyx Breed

Dottie out “enjoying” the snow.

Mystic Onyx are great egg layers and lay up to 225 light brown, medium sized eggs per year. They will do well in the winter as well as the summer and keep their production up in the winter months. They are docile, but active. They love to be in the middle of all the action!

All About the Mystic Onyx Breed

Frankie is my all-black Mystic Onyx and is a crowd favorite!

I have two Mystic Onyx chickens. I got them as chicks from Hoover’s Hatchery. It’s really fun because Frankie is all black while Dottie has redder feathers. This makes it much easier to tell them apart! Haha! They have been a welcome addition to our flock.

Mystic Onyx chickens reach anywhere between 5-6 lbs. and rarely go broody. They have a single comb and are very low maintenance. They have done very well for me in the winter months as well as the much warmer seasons.

All About the Mystic Onyx Breed

Frankie as a chick.

When I’m adding to my flock, I care most about the breed’s personality. I want nice, docile chickens who love me right back. Next, I look for egg color and feather color. There is something so satisfying about looking about and seeing multiple colors sprinkled about the chicken run. And honestly? There’s nothing better than having a bright and colorful egg basket sitting on the counter! Mystic Onyx chickens lay a beautiful light brown egg. It’s not a showstopper by any means, but their plumage makes up for it! Great job Hoover’s Hatchery for creating this multipurpose breed that is a very reliable egg producer!

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady


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