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Benefits of Marigolds for Chickens

Benefits of Marigolds for Chickens

It’s finally spring! We have been busy out in our yard and gardens. Do you like to garden? We have our go-to petunias already in their pots, our flower beds planted with all sorts of beautiful blooms and our food garden prepped and ready to be planted.

The girls have been scratching around and getting the soil all turned for me. Gardening is fun by itself, but when you add in chickens it’s so much better!

Our chicken run and our garden separated by a fence. In the spring and fall, we open the door and allow the girls to roam free in the garden. They scratch and poop and do all these wonderful things for the soil. When it’s time to plant and grow, we shut the door and they just talk to me while I’m busy pulling weeds or harvesting our supper. Make sure you always have that door closed though! Chickens will make quick work of your garden if you forget to shut the gate!

Something I do every year is plant marigolds around the garden fence. This creates a beautiful border that deters garden pests as well as provides my chickens with a yummy and healthy snack!

Benefits of Marigolds for Chickens

What are the benefits of marigolds for my chickens you may ask? Well, let me tell you! Marigolds contain powerful antioxidants which help keep the chickens healthy and assists in fighting off any diseases. Marigolds are a great natural immunity booster for your flock.

Egg yolk depends on the diet fed to hens. If marigolds are included in the diet, they will naturally influence the egg yolk color to be a deep yellow. But is that all? No.

Marigolds will also benefit the “health” of the egg. According to the Journal of Poultry Science, a study was done to look at the benefits of marigold flower extract on eggs. They found that marigolds will not only produce richer yolks, but they will also drop the cholesterol level as well. This means, healthier hens AND healthier eggs for us humans! Incredible!

So, while you’re browsing the flower section at your local garden center, make sure you pick up some seeds or a flat of marigolds. They are inexpensive and easy to keep alive. What a great treat for your girls!

If you’re not into gardening and would like to incorporate marigolds into your flocks diet, look no further than Strong Animals Chicken Essentials treat, Golden Graze™.

Golden Graze Snacks for Chickens

Marigolds and Oyster Shells for Chickens

Golden Graze contains marigold petals and will give your flock the benefits of marigolds while adding in some oyster shells for added calcium, flaxseed for those great Omega-3’s and multigrains that your chickens will just gobble right up. I use Golden Graze on a regular basis in our coop and our girls’ eggs definitely show that! Rich golden yolks and healthy hens…what more can you ask for?

Golden Graze is now available in farm stores or on Amazon and Let me know if you try it!

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady


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