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Golden Graze Chicken Snacks

Updated: Jan 17

Today’s an exciting day! I get to highlight one of the new snack products by Strong Animals Chicken Essentials! Wahoo!

Before we get started, let me tell you why snacks and treats are magic. Many people ask me how I'm able to hold my chickens and have a relationship with them. Almost all of my chickens allow me to hold them, cuddle them, and even carry them around. That is except for Buck and Gladys... there's not enough goodies on planet Earth to coax them into my arms! Ha! This seems like a silly concept to some, but this relationship means a lot to me and it's helpful when I'm doing health checks on them.

Having a trusting relationship with your flock will definitely help keep them healthy and thriving. Building this relationship takes time and effort though. I would spend quite a bit of time with the chickens as chicks, teenagers, and then adults.

The worst stage is having "teenage" chickens. Multiple people have reached out to me and asked about their teenage chicken's behavior. Listen, apparently teenage chickens have something in common with human teenagers. During this age, they’re a bit more skittish and trying to figure their life out. Give them time, they will come around. I said all of that to say this; I use snacks and treats to wiggle my way into my chickens’ hearts! It's the secret to building a relationship with them. The way to their heart is through their stomach!

Before I go into detail about the latest treat from Strong Animals Chicken Essentials, let me tell you about how I pick most of my treats for my girls - it's all about the eggs!

It's important to give your flock healthy snacks that will boost their immune system and support their egg growth. Because what goes in will come out. That means that the snacks you feed your girls does impact their egg production even if it's a small amount compared to their feed. It's the difference between eggs that are strong and vibrant or weak and pale. And it depends on what you give your chickens whether they free range or eat feed, scraps, and treats.

Ok, let’s dive in! The product is called Golden Graze. It is the ultimate daily snack for helping your hens lay eggsellent eggs. Ha! It is specially formulated to support quality eggs with golden yolks. I personally think of it as trail mix for my girls.

Friends, here is how it works. The oyster shells serve as a slow-release source of calcium for your hen. They sit in her gizzard, where they are ground up gradually throughout the night for use as the hen needs them. Feeding oyster shells gives your chicken stronger eggshells.

Additionally, the oregano essential oil is excellent for digestive health and the overall health of your flock. This product is a win for them and a win for you. Your hens and your family will stay healthy with these farm fresh eggs.

I feed it to my girls as a top dressing on their feed, or sometimes I toss it our on the ground and let them graze. Golden Graze, how clever. 😊 I mean, look how beautiful it is in my hand even!

Honestly though, my favorite thing about Strong Animals Chicken Essentials is that they really have the health of your flock AND your family in mind. Golden Graze along with all of their other products, use all-natural approaches that's good for your hens and your humans and this is what drew me to them in the first place.

They also have you in mind with ease of use of their products. All of their products are carefully formulated and can be used together safely. I've never had to sit and calculate and hope I’m giving my chickens the correct amount of oregano oil or if they’re getting what they need. I know it's already been figured out for me! And the health of my flock proves that the team at Strong Animals has done their job correctly.

Seriously, watch for this product coming soon! In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Golden Graze, check it on the Strong Animals Chicken Essentials website!

Until next time,

-- The Wing Lady


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