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How to Control Ammonia Odor in the Coop

It’s that time of year when the cold is setting in. We woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground this morning. And while it’s beautiful, the chickens prefer the dirt and grass. A couple of them may wander in the snow, but for the most part, the girls stay tucked in their coop.

We’ve talked about how much chickens poop, so you can imagine what a coop full of chickens may look like even after one day! What if I told you that I can go sit in the coop with the girls and walk out smelling like essential oils as opposed to chicken poop? I think every chicken keeper would want to know this secret! Well, I won’t keep it from you for much longer, but first let’s talk about why ammonia from chicken poop can be harmful for your chickens.

What is Ammonia?

Ammonia is created when the nitrogen in chicken poop is broken down by bacteria. It impacts the bedding and the overall air quality in chicken coops. The level of concentration of ammonia can be higher due to environmental conditions, such as high temperatures, improper ventilation and moisture.

Keeping bedding clean and dry will prevent many of the injuries and illnesses associated with prolonged ammonia exposure. Chickens can develop respiratory distress, burns or lesions on their feet, skin, and eyes, and other icky things that are honestly, unnecessary for them. With proper care, your chickens can thrive even if they’re cooped up for the winter! .

I promised you I would share my secret, didn't I? Enter Coop Recuperate! I can honestly tell you, if it weren’t for this product, I wouldn’t still be doing chickens. Of course, I love my birds to death, but they are messy and stinky! Coop Recuperate has changed the stinky part! I just apply Coop Recuperate to their bedding every few days or when I add new bedding and it helps keep it fresh and dry. Keeping your chicken’s bedding dry is important for so many reasons. Cutting back on ammonia fumes is one of them.

Coop Recuperate includes organic essential oils that aid in the smell and the organic diatomaceous earth that helps keep unwanted bugs, parasites, and bacteria away. It’s in an incredible product and one that I make sure I never run out of.

Backyard chicken keeping can throw some curve balls every once in a while. However, there are simple things you can do to ensure your chickens have the best environment to thrive. Proper ventilation, clean and dry bedding and Coop Recuperate will keep you and your chickens very happy!

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady


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