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How to Keep Coop Bedding Fresh for Healthy Chickens

I think one of the biggest shocks of raising backyard chickens for me was how messy these little birds are! I remember wondering, how much poop could possibly come out of a little chicken? It’s a lot!

Chickens are beautiful, fun, wonderful egg producers, but SO messy! They love to scratch around, kick up dust and poop everywhere but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Today we’re going to talk about keeping our bedding healthy for our flocks.

Chickens have a very sensitive respiratory tract. If they’re in an environment where they’re constantly inhaling the ammonia odors from their poop, that can lead to respiratory distress or disease. I use Coop Recuperate to help with this!

Coop Recuperate uses organic lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils to combat the ammonia. These oils also help cut back the moisture in the bedding. Organic diatomaceous earth (DE) keep tiny pests like mites and lice away. There are a lot of different opinions out there about DE, but I’ve been using it for years with no problems. The key to DE is to use it at the correct levels and properly. Strong Animals Chicken Essentials carefully formulate all of their products so their safe for your backyard flock.

I’ve been using Coop Recuperate since Day 1

We use Coop Recuperate and the deep litter method in our coop. You can read all about what we do here or watch a short video clip below!

Outside of simple weekly maintenance, I only deep clean my coop 2-3 times a year! How is this possible you may ask? Keep in my mind, the only way it’s possible is with a product called Coop Recuperate! Seriously, if you’ve been using the deep litter method, your chickens will do most of the work as far as turning the bedding, but they don’t have the ability to get rid of the smell and moisture that comes from an abundance of poop! They’re great birds, but they don’t have magical powers! This is where Coop Recuperate comes in!

Coop Recuperate has changed the way I feel about raising chickens. I used to be a bit overwhelmed by the dirty, stinky feel of our coop. Now, I can honestly sit out there with the girls and walk out there with it smelling fresh! I simply sprinkle Coop Recuperate on top of the bedding about 1x per week. You can use it as often as you feel you need to, but it does such a great job! Additionally, the compost that comes out of Coop Recuperate bedding is like gold! Our gardens grow like crazy and I have people asking for my chicken poop compost all the time!

Coop Recuperate is available in a 2.5 lb. jug and a 20 lb. pail to accommodate all the different sized coops out there. Having healthy bedding in your coop is of utmost importance. A clean coop will help your chickens stay happy and healthy!

Until next time,

--The Wing Lady


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