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Summer Fun Egg Drop Challenge

We’re in the heat of summer here in Minnesota, and I thought it’d be fun to spice things up a bit at our house. I challenged everyone to an egg drop challenge! Two of our kids decided to take the challenge. I told them I’d reward the person who could successfully drop an egg off our back deck without it breaking.

The rules were as follows:

  1. There were no rules! Haha!

I wanted it to be fun, allow them to be creative, and even step outside of the box of the regular egg drop challenge contraptions. The only parameter set was that they had to use things we already had around the house. I allowed them to have 2 test drops so they could tweak their items if they wanted to. They could change their mind completely, but still only had 2 test drops. If their test runs worked, but the final drop didn’t, they were out of luck! So, good luck to Braelyn and Deacon! Check out their fun ideas and see who came out the winner!

First up is our youngest son, Deacon. Deacon had a smart idea of popping popcorn and putting it in a bag and dropping it. That didn’t end well, however, so he moved on to his last idea and test drop. He has a big stuffed beaver named Doug (my husband’s name is Doug so we all get a big kick out of this!). There was a small hole in Doug’s back side, so Deacon slipped the egg in a plastic bag and placed it in the hole.

Next up is our daughter Braelyn. She has more of an engineering mind, and it showed in her design. She took a lot of time and careful consideration on how this should work. She decided to use 5 egg cartons and a floating lantern for her contraption. At the final drop, she lit the lantern so it would drop slower!

I had the very important job of camera lady and tried to avoid getting an egg dropped on my head! Haha!

So, who won?

They both did!!! Both of their contraptions worked! We had so much fun with this little activity, and it didn’t cost us a penny! Well, it cost me money because I put up a reward for the challenge! But it was well worth our time. I hope you are taking time out for your families and enjoying this beautiful summer!

Until Next Time,

--The Wing Lady



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