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natural backyard chicken care

Helping you naturally raise backyard chickens is our goal! Now you can promote the health and vitality of chickens using plant-based products and natural approaches. All Strong Animals products contain organic essential oils, prebiotics and other natural ingredients to give your chicks and chickens what they need to thrive!

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Cinnamon Stick
Cinnamon Stick

chicken approved products

Strong Animals bye-bye, boo-boos


bye-bye, boo-boos 

A wound spray to help soothe and mend cuts, scrapes and abrasions for your flock.

Strong Animals preen queen


preen queen

A dust bath additive to help remove excess oil from your chickens’ bodies and keep their feathers clean and pristine. 

Strong Animals coop recuperate

coop recuperate

Scatter on coop bedding to reduce odor and moisture and improve the quality of your compost. 

Strong Animals Chicken E-lixir and Flock Fixer
Strong Animals prebiotics + probiotics
Strong Animals electrolytes + vitamins

chicken e-lixir, flock fixer, electrolytes + vitamins & prebiotics + probiotics 

Water additives for daily use or during times of challenge to hydrate, restore, support digestive health & immunity, and promote overall health of your hens and their eggshell quality.


Strong Animals happy tract & golden graze

happy tract & golden graze

Daily snacks for quality eggs with golden yolks and hens with healthy digestion and immunity. 

StrongAnimals Baby Chick Care Kit

baby chick care kit

Gets your chicks off to the best start for their growth and well-being. Kit includes: First Peep, Chick E-lixir, Coop Recuperate and a Baby Chick Success Guide.

Hoover's Hatchery approved

Hoover’s Hatchery raises their flocks by hand on small family farms using Strong Animals essential oils for health and vitality. Hoover’s recommends continuing the tradition by taking the natural approach to raising your flock with Strong Animals Chicken Essentials products.

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customer approved

Adding a sprinkle of Preen Queen to my dust bath area for my chickens made everything smell so good! But more importantly helps keep things drier and also assist in keeping my flock's feathers nice and shiny. The latest in a long line of excellent products from Strong Animals which uses herbal essential oils for their benefits and scents, Preen Queen has become a permanent addition to my chickens' dust bathing environment. I absolutely love it!

-- Lisa S.


Flock Fixer helped my girls through a mold and the cold temperatures. I highly recommend this product!  I like how a little goes a long ways!

-- Melissa


I live in the Southwest, and during the summer months, it rains a lot. So it was really hard to keep the coop area clean and dry and it attracted a lot of flies! Coop Recuperate helped cut down on the smell and moisture and made things more comfortable for my girls during those hot, wet months.

-- Haylee B.

Our flock loves Golden Graze snacks! And I’ve noticed a richer, beautiful egg yolk. The girls come running when they hear the bag crinkle! I also love knowing that what I’m feeding my flock is healthy for them and for our family!

-- Andrea W.

I’ve never seen such healthy robust chicks! They are so healthy and happy since using the Baby Chick Care Kit! I believe they were saved from catching a Coccidiosis outbreak during the wet month of June. My older chicks that I didn’t used this with did, but they were saved with proper intervention!

-- Renee S.

chicken approved videos

Whether you are a new backyard chicken owner or seasoned veteran, visit our YouTube channel to learn how to get your chicks off to the best start and keep your chickens strong and healthy. Annie, our resident chicken guru, guides you through how to get started raising backyard chickens!

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