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dust bath additive for healthy skin and feathers  

All chickens love a good dust bath. A dust bath is a great way to keep chickens clean and their feathers in impeccable condition to help them stay free from mites, lice and other parasites.


Add preen queen™ to your chicken’s dust bath to help remove excess oils that attract those unwanted pesky critters.

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Lisa Steele

My flock of diva chickens LOVES this product!

Adding a sprinkle of preen queen to my dust bath area for my chickens made everything smell so good! But more importantly helps keep things drier and also assist in keeping my flock’s feathers nice and shiny. The latest in a long line of excellent products from Strong Animals which uses herbal essential oils for their benefits and scents, preen queen has become a permanent addition to my chickens' dust bathing environment. I absolutely love it!



Chickens love it!

Great scent and they absolutely love it in their dust bath. I add this to their nesting boxes too.

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dust baths help prevent lice and mites

As a backyard chicken owner, it’s crucial to encourage dust bathing as part of your coop management and hygiene plan. Dust bathing is the act of rolling around in dirt and dust to ward the body of harmful bugs. While it seems ironic, chickens keep themselves clean by rolling in the dirt and dust bathing.


All chickens have preening glands that produce oil, and as it builds up it attracts bugs like mites and lice. To absorb this oil and make their bodies less habitable to bugs, chickens must frequently dust bathe.


It’s important that chickens have access to a dust bath. Your chickens love to make their own dust bath in the run when the weather is nice, but in the winter it’s important to provide an indoor dust bath location in your coop. This will help protect your flock from bug infestations that can cause poor bird health.


for clean & pristine feathers

preen queen dust bath additive contains zeolite, diatomaceous earth, peppermint and citronella essential oils. Simply add this product to your dust bath to keep their feathers clean and pristine.


  • Helps absorb moisture, oils and odors

  • Contains peppermint and citronella essential oils

  • Creates a girl’s spa day


Directions: Apply liberally on top of a dust bath. Scoop included. For use with all types of poultry.


Available in a 5 lb. Canister


how to make an indoor chicken dust bath

  • step 1: buy ingredients
    sand dry dirt wood ash (from outdoor fire pit or fireplace) preen queen – contains diatomaceous earth, zeolite, peppermint and citronella essential oils
  • step 2: select a dust bath container
    kiddie pool galvanized tub large wooden crate sturdy plastic bins old tire kids sandbox
  • step 3: assemble dust bath
    put your dust bath container in your coop add some fine dirt and sand to your container add wood ash on top of the dirt and sand sprinkle preen queen on top of the dust bath apply preen queen frequently to freshen up the dust bath

Make an indoor dust bath for your chickens this winter with a few simple supplies by following the easy step-by-step guide below! 

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Try preen queen today to help remove excess oils from your chickens and improve their dust bath routine. Buy now on Amazon, Chewy or in a local farm store near you!

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