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Memorial Day Hot Dog Bar

Memorial Day Hot Dog Bar

We are cruising through the last week of school around here and we’re getting the itch to do all the things outside! Historically, Memorial weekend is either cool and raining or scorching hot in Southwest Minnesota. However, this weekend is shaping up to be one of the nicest ones we’ve had in a while. We are going to take full advantage of this wonderful weather and probably do most of our cooking outside. I know a lot of people getting ready to host some big parties for graduation and Memorial Day. Food is always a focal point, and so thought I would throw out an idea for you if you’re looking for creative ways to serve a crowd.

Every Sunday night at our house, we have family supper. We have our grandsons every Sunday after church and then their parents join us for supper that evening. After supper, we usually run around the yard playing wiffle ball or soccer and this past Sunday was no different. I’m still sore to prove it! Haha! This has become a fun tradition and this past weekend we thought it’d be fun to try a hotdog bar. What screams “Minnesota picnic food” more than a good old hotdog? While we don’t mind the simplicity of a grilled hotdog, I thought we could spruce it up a bit!

Your options are endless really as far as toppings are concerned. We decided to go with onions, red onions, green onions, pickles, tomatoes, shredded cheese, bacon bits, nacho cheese, baked beans, chili, sauerkraut, and mac n cheese. Of course, we had potato salad, watermelon and chips with French onion dip to top it all off! It was a hit and everyone loved all the options. Next time I think I’ll whip up some eggs and make a “breakfast dog”. Some loaded their hotdogs while others simply used good old ketchup and mustard. Either way, there was something for everyone! Plus, the chickens benefited greatly from our hotdog bar! All the leftovers, minus the onions, went out to the girls. They gobbled them right up and everyone was happy!

Memorial Day Hot Dog Bar

Whatever your Memorial Day weekend looks like, I hope it’s filled with lots of good food, family, friends, and activities you love! I’ll be heading to a bunch of graduations, while snuggling my chickens every chance I get!

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady

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