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Making Heart Shaped Eggs & Toast for Your Valentine

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Now, I know that many people don’t care for this holiday, but I don’t fall into that particular category! I've always enjoyed this day. What a fun opportunity to celebrate the love in your relationships, kids, and spouse. As an extra treat this year, I’m going to use some of my feathered girls' abundance and make heart-shaped eggs for my family. My daughter and I gave it a test run the other day and it was super simple! This is a fun and easy way to start off Valentine's Day in a special way.

How to Make Heart-Shaped Eggs

What You Will Need:

Frying pan

METAL heart shaped cookie cutter

Thin spatula or scraper


Cheese or veggies (if desired)



Favorite fruits


  1. Heat up your frying pan on medium heat.

  2. Spray pan and cookie cutter with cooking spray.

  3. Beat 2 eggs, add in veggies or cheese if you’d like.

  4. Using your heart-shaped cutter, cut out the center of the bread.

  5. Butter both sides of bread.

  6. Pour egg mixture into the heart opening.

  7. Fry and flip to finish on the other side.

Serve with some toast and your favorite fruit. Enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day!

-The Wing Lady


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