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All About the Sapphire Gem Chicken 

Sapphire Gem Chickens

 Photo Courtesy of Hoover’s Hatchery


It’s time for another breed spotlight! I love doing these because I learn so much about the different breeds of chickens. Did you know that more than 1,600 different breeds of chickens are recognized worldwide?


I remember starting with chickens thinking there were probably just a few different varieties to choose from. I went completely basic with my chicken breeds until I got into it a little further. Now I have over 25 different breeds in my backyard!


Most recently, I got a Sapphire Gem in my newest flock of chicks, and I’m so excited to see “Swiss” grow up. My sister had a couple of Sapphire Gems for years, and they were kind and gentle and laid extra-large eggs. Why it has taken me this long to add one to my crew is beyond me!

My Sapphire Gem Chick Swiss

Trying to convince Swiss, my Sapphire Gem, that she can be nice!


Sapphire Gems are one of the prettiest breeds available, in my opinion. Their gorgeous “blue or lavender” plumage is unmatched. Most people refer to them as grey or light grey, but no matter how you refer to them, they are beautiful!


History of the Sapphire Gem Breed

The history of Sapphire Gem chickens is a bit mysterious. It’s believed that they hail from the Czech Republic, but the evidence is limited. They appear to be a mix of Blue Plymouth Rock and Barred Plymouth Rock, with a striking resemblance to Old Andalusians. Despite their mystery, these birds are adored for their gorgeous color and egg production abilities.


Trademarked by an American hatchery, these chickens closely resemble the old Andalusian breed dating back to the mid-1800s. While their exact introduction date remains uncertain, Sapphire Gems have soared in popularity recently, becoming a favorite among backyard chicken owners.


How Many Eggs Do Sapphire Gems Lay?

On average, a single Sapphire Gem hen can lay up to a staggering 290 eggs per year! Yes, you read that right – 290 eggs! And not just any eggs; Sapphire Gems are known for producing extra-large, brown eggs that are as delicious as they are impressive.


Whether you're a seasoned backyard chicken owner or a novice chicken enthusiast, gathering nearly 300 eggs per year will surely excite you! With Sapphire Gems in your flock, you'll never have to worry about running out of fresh eggs again.

Traits of Sapphire Gem Chickens

These amazing birds are not only prized for their egg-laying abilities but also for their docile nature and friendly disposition. They're a joy to have around the coop, making them an ideal choice for families or any flock.


Sapphire Gems are known for their docile personalities; however, the chick I have was absolutely vicious to start with. Since then, I have heard from some people that their Gems have been mean. But the consensus is that the Sapphire Gem breed is super friendly and gets along with all the other breeds and animals.


I’m hoping Swiss has grown out of that now. She’s three weeks and is so far behaving a lot nicer in the brooder! Who knows? Maybe she will turn out to be very sweet! That’s what we’re hoping for anyway!


Sapphire Gem Chick

These frumpy little baby feathers will turn into beautiful plumage!

Sapphire Gems have a single comb, are cold and heat-hardy, and are not known for being overly broody. They are considered medium in size, but due to their large egg production rate, they are not overly suitable for being meat chickens.


They can sometimes be harder to find and are a little more expensive as chicks, but they are worth it! Hoover’s Hatchery is where I got my Sapphire Gem, and they have more available this spring. If you’re worrying about mail-ordering chicks, don’t be worried! It’s a smooth process if you follow these tips.


I almost wish I had gotten more than one Sapphire Gem chick this year simply because of their egg production. However, I’m also a fan of breed diversity for its different personalities, coloring, and, of course, egg color.


After we made it through the first fiasco with another little chick, I decided to chalk up that experience to the pecking order. I’m excited to see her sweeter, more docile side in the coming months!


Until next time,


–The Wing Lady 



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