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Sugar Scrub Recipes Using Essential Oils

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Sugar Scrub Recipes for Using Essential Oils

Photo Credit: Natural Living Family

It’s graduation season around here, and there’s always a reason to bless someone we love with a fun little gift, right? However, this time of year can get expensive with so many things going on. The end-of-the-year field trips, parties, graduations and other events add up quickly! So, I enjoy finding unique and inexpensive items to bless people with and sugar scrubs are one of my favorites!

Sugar scrubs are excellent for our skin. Most of us only think of exfoliating our faces if we’re on a skincare regimen, but you can also exfoliate the rest of your skin. Sugar scrubs use little crystals to sluff off old skin cells, clean our pores and prevent breakouts and ingrown hairs. All while leaving your skin soft and smooth. It sounds like a fair trade and something easy for all of us to incorporate into our weekly routine!

Gifting little sugar scrubs with essential oils is thoughtful and won’t break the bank. Also, sugar scrubs use minimal ingredients, which is beneficial if you're trying to live a more natural lifestyle like me. And we all know that essential oils have endless benefits for our bodies - another win!

So, without further ado, here are some recipes I found online for you to try. This blog from Natural Living Family is very informative with some simple recipes that use essential oils. Your sugar scrub scents and combinations are almost endless with essential oils. They have a few recommended recipes but if you enjoy a specific essential oil or scent and would like its benefits, go for it! Then put it in a cute little jar, add a ribbon and voilà - you'll have a lovely gift!

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady


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