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The Best Eggshell Crafts

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Spring is so close here in Minnesota, we can almost feel it! It’s been a long winter here, and we're looking forward to warmer days. With these longer days, come more eggs!

Chickens need 12-16 hours of light to produce an egg. So, the girls are coming out of their winter rest and we are getting an abundance of eggs once again.

I was scrolling online and found some really cute eggshell crafts, and I thought I’d share with you some ideas I’m thinking about trying myself. I’m not a crafty person, but I have kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews who all enjoy a fun and easy craft. I’ll list these crafts in order from easy to a little more difficult.

You can find directions for this first cute little eggshell family over at Bloesem Kids. This is a more simple project, but could get a little messy! Adult supervision will be needed, but fun will be had by all! They’re like little chia pets. The best part of raising plants in an eggshell? You can plant the shell and plant right into your pot or ground!

The Best Eggshell Crafts

The next craft I found is inexpensive and so much fun! Honestly, you wouldn’t even have to color the eggshells if you have a backyard flock with mixed-colored eggs. They’re already colored! But, if not, go ahead and dye those Easter eggs. You'll likely have the stuff you need at home for this one already.

You can find the directions for this cute crushed eggshell craft over at Momtastic.

The Best Eggshell Crafts

Another spin off the crushed eggshells is this cute little project that will cost you almost nothing if you have backyard chickens. It’s something cute and fun for Easter! Grab some crushed eggshells, a pencil, paper and some glue. Draw any picture you’d like, outline it with glue and sprinkle your eggshells on the glue. This project can take as little or as much time as you’d like with minimal setup and cleanup. Now, that’s my type of project! This idea was brought to you by

The Best Eggshell Crafts

The last eggshell craft takes a little more time and preparation, but the results will be worth it! This is maybe more of an older kid/adult project. There is a saw involved! These cute little eggshell vases would be an adorable hostess gift or Easter centerpiece. If you end up making one of these, I’d love to see a picture! You can find directions for this project on gratefulprayerthankfulheart.

The Best Eggshell Crafts

What I love about raising backyard chickens is that I feel like nothing goes to waste. Everything from table scraps to eggshells - it can all be used! Whether you’re making something simple or a little more advanced like an eggshell vase, crafting with eggshells is inexpensive and a lot of fun!

Happy crafting, friends!

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady


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