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Why is My Hen Crowing Like a Rooster?

Why is My Hen Crowing Like a Rooster?

It was a cool late summer morning, and I was enjoying my first cup of coffee on our deck. The sun was just starting to warm things up when I heard it. I listened closely because I wasn’t exactly sure what noise I had just experienced. It was coming from one of my chickens, and it sounded like a weak rooster crow. I set my coffee down and listened, and there it was again!

What in the world? Was one of my roosters not feeling well? As some of you may know, I have a “no rooster rule”. I currently have 2 roosters. Haha! Oh well, that’s a story for a different day! Anyway, I put my chicken shoes on and walked down to the coop wondering what I might find. The noise just kept coming. As I approached the coop, imagine my surprise when I see Cyndi Lauper, my White Crested Blue Polish hen, crowing like a rooster!

I literally stood there and stared waiting for her to do it again. Sure enough, she let out another poor excuse for a crow, but nonetheless, a crow! I laughed and laughed and laughed. And then I thought, “Why on earth is my hen crowing like a rooster?” Cyndi isn't even near the top of the pecking order, however, she’s always been sassy with me. Haha!

Believe it or not, she’s not the first nor the last hen to crow. I haven’t heard her crow since that summer morning, but why is she doing it in the first place?

Your Hen is Crowing to Take the Top Spot

In flocks with roosters, the hens are around constant crowing. A brave hen may try and challenge the roosters for the top spot. This could be what Cyndi was doing. I had just gotten two roosters, and maybe she thought she’d challenge them.

Why is My Hen Crowing Like a Rooster?

The Hen is Aging

After the hen surpasses peak production, her reproductive system changes pretty drastically. Hens will peak around the 2-year mark and then their hormones start dropping. This can affect their reproductive organs, and hence, they start crowing.


Genetics can definitely play a factor in crowing hens. There’s nothing wrong with them necessarily, they just think they’re born to crow. Cyndi is actually on the small side for a Polish hen, so there’s maybe something in her genetics that's causing her to crow. She is otherwise very healthy and very sassy, so I’m leaning towards her trying to take the top spot. It was a weak attempt, but an attempt nonetheless.

Cyndi is a special chicken for sure. She rarely lets me catch her, and she’s got a spicy personality. I love that about her, and it’s likely why she thinks she’s the “King”. Haha! Tell me, have you had a hen crow?

Until next time,

–The Wing Lady


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