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for golden eggs!

for eggsellent eggs try golden graze
oregano essential oils

Contains oregano essential oils to support your hens’ immune and digestive systems.


Incorporates marigold petals for beautiful, golden yolks.


Includes oyster shells to help replenish your hens’ calcium supply. 


Blends flaxseed, multi-grains and cracked corn for eggs high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Marigold Leaf
Strong Animals Golden Graze 5 lb. pouch
#1 rated snack by chickens and customers

"The ladies loved it!" 

— Alice B., California

"Our flock loves this product! And I’ve noticed a richer, beautiful egg yolk. The girls come running when they hear the bag crinkle! I also love knowing that what I’m feeding my flock is healthy for them and for our family!"

— Andrea W., Minnesota 

Chicken with head inside bag of Golden Graze
snack time all the time
Marigold flower
Marigold Leaf

win a free bag of golden graze!

Let us show you how good this snack is for hens! Enter today to win a FREE bag of Golden Graze daily snacks!

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