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How to Make Frozen Treats for Chickens

Updated: Mar 15

Last week was a crazy week! We were tying up loose ends, trying to pack for the 4th of July at the lake, and ensuring we had everything ready for my father-in-law to watch our animals. I was super busy in the kitchen when my husband walked through the door.

“Oh good! You made supper. I’m so hungry!” he said.

Imagine my sheepish grin when I explained that those meal containers he was drooling over were Flock Fixer™ Frozen Treats for my chickens! Hahaha! I laughed so hard, and he ate cereal. We all survived, and my chickens had delicious, healthy frozen treats to help them through the hot weekend.

Flock Fixer Frozen Treats are made by mixing fruits, veggies, or whatever you feel like throwing in for your flock! It’s super easy! My chickens love them and I know they’re getting a healthy treat while staying hydrated.

What is Flock Fixer you may ask? Flock Fixer is a vitamin-rich additive that helps hydrate, restore vital nutrients and boost immunity. It contains electrolytes, prebiotics, probiotics, and organic essential oil. I use Flock Fixer during extreme weather and also in times of stress. It gives my girls the extra boost they need to make it through challenging times.

How to Make Flock Fixer Frozen Treats

  • 1 Gallon of Water

  • 1 Scoop of Flock Fixer

  • Fruits, veggies, or leftovers

  • 10 small meal prep containers

  • Optional: Mealworms are a favorite as well!

Mix up your Flock Fixer. Add your fruits and veggies to the containers and pour your Flock Fixer mixture over. Cover and place in the freezer. When frozen, simply pop them out of the containers and watch your chickens go crazy for them!

You can purchase Flock Fixer from your local farm supply store or HERE on Amazon.

How to Make Frozen Treats for Chickens

Check out our Flock Fixer Frozen Treat video below!

Your flock will thank you, and you can rest easy knowing your chickens are getting all they need to survive these hot days!

Until next time,

-The Wing Lady

How to Make Flock Fixer Frozen Treats for Chickens


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