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How to Build a Winter Dust Bath for Your Chickens

Updated: May 8

How to Build a Winter Dust Bath for Your Chickens

Have you ever seen chickens rolling around in the dirt? That’s known as a dust bath, and it helps chickens keep their feathers clean and dry. But what happens when temperatures drop below freezing? Your chickens still need to dust bathe in order to stay healthy and clean!

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your chickens cozy and clean this winter with an indoor dust bath. Read on for tips and steps on how to assemble the perfect indoor dust bath for your backyard flock!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step to creating an indoor dust bath is to gather supplies. Some of the supplies you will need include:

  • Sand

  • Dry dirt

  • Wood ash (from an outdoor fire pit or fireplace)

  • Preen Queen™ dust bath booster which contains diatomaceous earth, zeolite, peppermint and citronella essential oils.

Step 2: Select a Dust Bath Container

Once you have gathered your supplies, the next step is selecting a container for your indoor dust bath. A kiddie pool or galvanized tub can be used if you have one available; otherwise, any large wooden crate or plastic bin should work just fine. If you have access to an old tire that fits at least two of your chickens at once, that would make a great container too—just make sure it’s strong enough so it won’t break under the weight of the birds! Lastly, if all else fails, consider repurposing a kids’ sandbox into your dust bath container instead.

Dust bath container ideas:

  • Kiddie pool

  • Galvanized tub

  • Large wooden crate

  • Sturdy plastic bins

  • Old tire

  • Lids sandbox

Step 3: Assemble Dust Bath

Once you’ve selected a container for your indoor dust bath, the next step is assembling it! Start by putting the dust bath container in your coop—this should be easy enough if you chose something like a kiddie pool or galvanized tub. Then fill it up with about two inches of dry dirt and sand with some wood ash sprinkled on top for added benefits.

Don’t forget to add some Preen Queen to further remove excess oil from your chickens’ bodies and help keep pests like mites and lice away. Finally, let your birds loose in their new indoor paradise and watch as they happily roll around in their own personal spa day!

Overall, the best part about having an indoor dust bath is that it allows you to provide year-round comfort for your birds even during the cold winter months. So, don’t wait until summertime rolls around again—start setting up an indoor dust bath today so that your chickens can take can take advantage of this therapeutic activity all year long!

Until next time,

The Wing Lady


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