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My Q & A with Dr. Stock on the Benefits of Oregano Essential Oils for Chickens

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

People frequently ask me how I’ve kept my flock so healthy this time around. Let me tell you it wasn’t always this easy!

In last week’s blog, I mentioned how I've tried raising chickens in the past and disease and poor health ravaged my flock both times. But this time around, it's like POOF, healthy chickens! The only thing I did different with this flock was I started using oregano essential oil products.

A Little Help from the Experts

I've been determined to find out what makes these products so different. Now you know that I'm by no means a “chicken expert”. However, I've learned a lot about chicken health from the folks at Strong Animals Chicken Essentials.

I had the privilege of sitting down with their expert, Dr. Stock, to answer some of my questions on oregano essential oils. And believe me, with a Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from Ohio State University, this guy, is in fact, a real life chicken expert. Haha!

Here's what Dr. Stock had to say:

Q: What are the benefits of using oregano essential oils for chickens?

  • A: Oregano essential oils, when used correctly, have powerful antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral properties that naturally keep your chickens healthy. These properties can help immune function and egg-shell quality for backyard chickens owners.

Q: Are all oregano essential oils the same?

  • A: Essential oils are not all the same. In fact, oils can actually vary widely in active ingredients and strength. Several factors need to be considered when using essential oils including plant variety, plant species, geographic location the oils are grown in, the part of the plant that is used, the season and harvest method, and even the way the oil is extracted from the plant. There's truly an art and a science that goes into using these natural approaches. In some cases, if these factors are not considered, oil blends are inconsistent and might work one time but not the next. This is why it’s important to be careful when buying oils from just anyone.

Q: Can I just buy oregano essential oils in bulk?

  • A: My caution to buying oils in bulk goes back to the fact that not all oils are the same. Without proper product development, essential oils can actually be harmful to chickens. Worst case, you could over-use them and without knowing the active ingredients, they can be potent to the digestive system of your chickens. Especially chicks. The safest way to use essential oils in chickens is to let the experts do it for you.

Q: So why are Strong Animals essential oils products safe?

  • A: Thankfully, Strong Animals is a brand of Ralco. Ralco was one of the first companies to introduce essential oil products for chickens almost 20 years ago. Today, Ralco has a patented approach to product development that's backed by years of research to ensure the safest products possible for your chickens.

Q: Do all Strong Animals products include oregano essential oils?

  • With the exception of Coop Recuperate™, all Strong Animals Chicken Essential products contain premium, safe oregano essential oils for all of your backyard chicken needs. Coop Recuperate™ contains lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils.

After my discussion with Dr. Stock, it finally made sense to me why my flock is SO much healthier this time. With premium oregano essential oils, Strong Animals products have properties that are unmatched and safe to use. I’m so thankful that these products made raising chickens fun again for me and my family.

Check out the products I use from Strong Animals Chickens Essentials:

These products are now available at your local farm store and Amazon

Until next time,

-The Wing Lady


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