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How to Freshen Up Your Chicken Coop

Providing a fresh smelling chicken coop is important to your chickens’ overall health - and it makes spending time with your girls even more enjoyable! Combat harsh odors and keep your coop smelling fresh with Coop Recuperate™.

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Well worth the price

This is probably one of the most valuable purchases for my chicken coop to keep it fresh smelling though any season. Just keep adding dry pine shavings and sprinkle them with recuperate. A little goes a long way. It will last me a year if not longer. But will definitely be back after use it all.


Chelsie B.

Smells good!

I was skeptical at first...I use dropping boards under my roosting bars which I usually dump once a week. Since I have used this product not only does it smell amazing it dries the situation out on the boards quickly. Dryer dropping board means I’m not dumping it as often. Anything that makes my chore lift easier!



Will buy again!

Personally, I absolutely love Coop Recuperate for my little flock & coop! After a good cleaning and fresh bedding, I give it a good sprinkle and it smells delightful. Thank you, Strong Animals! I’ll be making future purchases.


Best Aunt Around

A must.

Does the job well. Reduces unpleasant odor.


keep the coop fresh and dry

Coop Recuperate is the safe and natural way to deodorize your coop. It contains organic eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils along with diatomaceous earth to reduce odor and moisture and even improve the quality of your compost.

Scatter in coop to 1-2 times a week to:

  • Decrease ammonia odor

  • Absorb moisture

  • Lengthen bedding life

  • Reduce flies


chicken coop fly control

Manure and moisture often mean flies in your chicken coop. Flies make spending time in your coop unenjoyable, but even worse they can carry harmful diseases for your hens. Coop Recuperate contains a natural insect repellent, diatomaceous earth (DE), to help keep flies and pests out of your coop.


Coop Recuperate combats flies in two ways:

  1. Absorbs moisture and odor, making the coop a less desirable habitat

  2. Dries out fly exoskeletons, exterminating them


deep litter method for chicken coops

Instead of replacing litter every week or month, try the deep litter method plus Coop Recuperate to only clean your coop just 1-2 times a year!

Watch the short video below on how to make coop care easier with the deep litter method and Coop Recuperate.    

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Try Coop Recuperate today so you and your girls can enjoy a comfortable living environment! Buy now on Amazon, Chewy or in a local farm store near you!

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who is strong animals chicken essentials?

Our goal is to make raising backyard chickens natural and easy. That’s why Strong Animals uses plant-based products and natural approaches to promote the health and vitality of chickens. All products contain essential oils, prebiotics and other natural ingredients to support the immune system and digestive health of your flock.

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