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Tour My Chicken Coop

Welcome to our coop! Happy and I are here to update you on all the happenings here at the Wing Nest.

Our coop is 8’ x 12’. It’s the perfect size for the amount of chickens we’re wanting. We have our hanging food and water and also provide an optional source of heat on really cold days. The girls have adjusted so well! And to be honest, I have spent a LOT of time out here with them!

We have chosen to use the deep litter method which you can read about here. Don’t forget your Coop Recuperate™! I literally can sit ON THE COOP FLOOR with them because of it! I’ve also given the girls some fun toys that they love. Simple bird toys will do. Barbara Jean has a monopoly on the toys. She takes them and runs! I also have a hanging treat ball which I put pieces of lettuce or apples in. Or I simply hang a cabbage ball on the string. The girls can bat that around and it prevents them from getting bored and developing bad behaviors.

Many people have asked how to tell my girls apart. When we first got them, I honestly had no idea! But, as they grew they started developing their own personalities and getting their own physical characteristics. If you haven’t heard, Happy is my favorite chicken (don’t tell the other girls!). She is always the first one to welcome me into the coop and always wants to be held. She will probably always remain my favorite and I am amazed at her personality…all of the girls’ for that matter! It’s amazing how unique each one is.

Even though our girls aren’t laying yet, we’re not too far off, we have our nest box ordered. There are so many different options for nesting boxes and my advice is to do your research and figure out what will work best for your flock. On my coop tour, I really liked Clara’s roll out nest box. However, for lack of time, we decided to order ours instead of build it. If this is too overwhelming, I know people who use something as simple and creative as a 5 gallon bucket! Bottom line is to make it your own. Your girls won’t care as long as the boxes are clean, dry and somewhat private.

Now, because I love to decorate our home, I thought it’d be fun to spruce up the girls’ coop! I have started collecting fun signs for the coop. There are some pretty creative ones out there!

In the spring, we plan to add on a large run so the girls have a lot of space to roam around. We live next to a state park with lots of wildlife and predators, so we want to the girls to be able to have the space to roam, but keep them enclosed for their safety.

Setting up your coop is an exciting time! Plan it out and go from there. The biggest thing is to make sure they have enough space per chicken, keep it clean and dry, and provide adequate food and water. Your flocks will quickly become part of your family!


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