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Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken

Daily Supplement for Healthier Hens

We know sometimes it can be stressful when your flock is exposed to outdoor elements, predators and bacteria that can weaken their immune system and cause disease. Chicken E-lixir™ can help keep your hens healthy, naturally.

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"I use this everyday with my chickens in their water. They like it, it smells nice."  -Amazon Customer

Happy, healthy chickens! Amazing product. 

"I'm SO glad the Chicken E-lixer is now available on Amazon!!! I gave this daily to my chickens last year and they were all happy and healthy. Got a bottle in my cart right now. I love this product and my chickens do too!"  -Amazon Customer

"It helped the chicks get started and didn't lose any. We normally will lose a few the first few days. Helps keep them hydrated and eating." -Amazon Customer

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Oregano Essential Oils Leaves

get healthy hens & strong eggshells

Like taking a daily vitamin, Chicken E-lixir helps protect your flock from illness and disease. It contains vitamins, electrolytes, a blend of organic oregano essential oil, calcium and prebiotics to keep your hens thriving and producing high-quality eggs. 


  • Supports immunity

  • Promotes digestive health 

  • Supports eggshell quality

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Strong Animals Chicken E-lixir

just add to water

You don’t have to be an expert to raise healthy, happy hens. Our team of specialists have made this product simple and safe. Just add a capful of Chicken E-lixir daily to your hens’ drinking water and watch them flock to it!

"I was worried the chicks wouldn't like it, but noticed them drinking this more than regular water. Happy with all the added health benefits!"  - Amazon Customer

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Feel good knowing your chickens have everything they need to stay healthy. Purchase Chicken E-lixir on Amazon, Chewy or in a local farm store near you. Click below to start shopping!

Oregano Essential Oils Leaves
Oregano Essential Oils Leaves
Oregano Essential Oils Leaves
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who is strong animals chicken essentials?

Our goal is to make raising backyard chickens natural and easy. That’s why Strong Animals uses plant-based products and natural approaches to promote the health and vitality of chickens. All products contain essential oils, prebiotics and other natural ingredients to support the immune system and digestive health of your flock.

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