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Take a Tour of Hoover’s Hatchery 

Take a Tour of Hoover’s Hatchery 

If you’re a backyard chicken keeper, there is nothing quite like hearing the cute little peeps when you walk into your farm supply store in the spring. I can hardly wait for chick days!


Some of my favorite chickens have come from Hoover’s Hatchery. Have you ever taken the time to consider all that goes into hatching chicks? Sexing them and shipping them on time to ensure the chicks stay healthy and strong. It’s quite a process!


All About Hoover’s Hatchery

Hoover’s Hatchery has been hatching chicks for 75 years. They are a family-run business located in Rudd, Iowa. Hoover’s specializes in hatching and shipping chicks to farm stores nationwide. However, you can place a personal order as well and have them sent in the mail directly to your local post office.


I’ve done this a couple of times now and have had great success! All of the chicks come in great health and are ready to jump into the brooder.

Take a Tour of Hoover’s Hatchery 

Hoover’s Hatchery’s eggs are produced on small family farms with the highest biosecurity measures. All of these farms use Strong Animals Chicken Essentials in their flocks and barns. Isn't that cool?

Hoover’s Hatchery Tour

Hoover’s produces over 100 different breeds. Eggs are collected daily and then picked up weekly. The whole process is so fascinating and precise. Watch this quick video below to see the process in action.

How Mail Order Chicks Survive

Whenever I do a mail-order pick up of chicks or even buy them from our local farm supply store, I get a lot of questions about how the chicks can survive the trip without food and water.


The simple answer: chicks are amazing! They are so fragile, yet so resilient. Before a chick is hatched, it ingests the yolk sac that contains all the nutrients and hydration they need to survive for up to 72 hours. When we’ve hatched chicks at home in an incubator, they really don’t eat for the first day or two for this reason. If the mail system does, there is absolutely no reason not to ship chicks!


The second you get them from the post office or store, get them into the already warmed-up brooder and introduce their food and water. The Baby Chick Care Kit and the success guide will give your chicks everything they need to get off to a strong start!


My Hoover’s Hatchery Chickens

I have 40 chickens today and the majority of them have come from Hoover’s Hatchery. 😊


Take a Tour of Hoover’s Hatchery 

Follow #roxannethechicken on Instagram for all her crazy adventures!


Roxanne is one of my (and so many others) all-time favorite chickens. She is a Buff Laced Polish and has an attitude that matches her head of feathers! Haha! She struts around like she owns the place and has so many funny stories.


Roxanne will be 5 this spring and is still in great condition. I attribute this to great genetics from Hoover’s Hatchery and products from Strong Animals Chicken Essentials.

For a hatchery to care so deeply about their production flocks as well as the chicks they’re producing is incredible. This is what I love about family-run businesses! They can tell the stories of feast and famine and how hard work, attention to detail and the ability to have great customer service can change an industry. Hoover’s Hatchery is a great example of this!


I encourage you to check out Hoover's Hatchery soon and start planning the next additions to your flock!


Until next time,


–The Wing Lady



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